The purpose of this website is to help Christians understand that they can still love Jesus and be a geek. They can still enjoy deep fantasy and far off lands while doing God’s work. I hope this website will become a resource for Christians and non-Christians alike to see geekdom in a different light. My prayer is to see a new community of believers who love Jesus come together to celebrate and share the life of being a geek. I also hope to change the perspective of the Christian community to embrace those who are geeks.

On this site we will review what God’s Word has to say about how we live and what we invest in. I’ll discuss things from video games to geek conventions, to help share not just my thoughts, but the thoughts of others as we all live to glorify God while enjoying the good gifts he has given to us. Namely our imagination.

You can connect with me on Twitter (@geekapostle), Xbox Live (GeekApostle), Twitch (twitch.tv/geekapostle), Instagram (@geekapostle) or on Steam (GeekApostle).

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