Friday Geek Roundup – April 22nd, 2016

  • PAX East, one of the biggest video game conventions of the year, started today. PAX hosts a few events each year (Boston and Seattle) and they focus on live “nerdcore” music and video games. More on the history of PAX here.
  • It’s BOGO at the Marvel Digital Comics store. It ends 4/24/16.
  • Jessica Jones, a very popular Netflix Original series based on the Marvel character, won a Peabody Award in the Entertainment Category. You can get the digital issue #1 of the comic book here.
  • This is an interesting article about Harrison Ford’s accident on the set of The Force Awakens and how it may have saved the movie.
  • I posted earlier this week about Nostalrius, the Vanilla WoW server shutdown by Blizzard. Here is a PC Gamer article discussing a 200,000 signature petition and how a former Blizzard team leader will be helping lead the campaign to get the server back online.

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