Daily Geek Roundup – April 15th, 2016

Super Mario was released in 1985 and I received the NES and that game as a Christmas gift from my grandmother. 31 years later, I still don’t think I have ever beat it all the way through. This guy beat it in 4 minutes.

Mark your calendars for Lego Kids Fest. It’s June 3rd – 5th in Louisville. We have been before and it’s a great trip for a family.

Rainbow Six Siege is a great game. You can try it for PC this weekend for free.

Everyone knows I married out of my league, and on top of that Mrs. Geek loves her games as much as I do. This soon to be husband took a different approach to tell the story of how he met is soon to be wife.

This story from the USA Today details how AMC was considering allowing “texting” sections in movie theaters. What a terrible idea.

Speaking of theatres, how would you like to never have to go to the movies again? If it was up to Sean Parker, that would become a reality, if you are willing to pay. This story was posted a few weeks ago, I’m just now seeing it.

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