Daily Geek Roundup – April 14th, 2016

Last night the hacker group Lizard Squad did an all out DDoS attack on Blizzard and their online service battle.net. Speculation is that they did this because Sunday night Blizzard shut down a popular private server of vanilla WoW.

One of my favorite days of the year is International Table Top Day. This year it is on April 30th. Many area game stores will be hosting events. Geek and Sundry released a promo video about it last month.

Lego is releasing a new set in its popular line of Minecraft Legos called The Village. This beauty will set you back $200, but I think it is well worth the family time with your kids when you are building a 1600 piece lego set together. It’s set to release June 1.

I was an 80’s child, so that means GI Joe and Transformers hold a special place in my heart. What if I told you that you could re-live those glory days through remastered original soundtracks? And yes Jem is on there, don’t judge me.

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